Young Lions LLC

Young Lions LLC in Chicago, IL was founded by Mary Morris. As a retired educator who spent 30 years with Chicago Public Schools, one of Mary’s greatest joys is teaching. When the four walls of her classroom could no longer contain her, she began to travel outside the boundaries of the United States and the boundaries of a “typical” retiree’s day-to-day activities. She traveled to South Africa and Swaziland in July 2004, Ghana, West Africa in July 2006, and Eygpt in 2008. She also traveled to the People’s Republic of China in September of 2008.

She wrote a book entitled, “Young Lions: Challenged to Live Free.” She offers ancient African seminars to academics, organizations, and groups large and small. She is also a motivational public speaker and a youth mentor. Mary is a committed Christian who believes in loving and serving people with a heart like Christ. Her favorite scripture is Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Young Lions LLC is a company committed to teaching, equipping, and empowering youth, and young adults.  We want you to be “Challenged to Live Free,” and we challenge you to live free of stereotypes,  illegal activity, addiction, or anything else that sets you back.

We have extensive experience in seminars, speaking, and mentoring, and have been a member of Maywood Youth Mentoring for seven years as of 2015. Experience our thought-provoking questions, thoughts, philosophies, and teaching, and be moved by what you learn.


Karnak  Temple in Luxor, Egypt

African American people need to understand the value of courtship, marriage, and children.  We must make parenting a priority.  Parents must design a household where educational opportunities are created and celebrated for their children.  Formal education must become a gateway to ending generational poverty. We must teach our youth how to avoid the mass incarceration of Black people.


To live during an exciting time in history, when human beings acknowledge that all people on planet Earth have DNA from Africa.  Black people must continue to study, embrace, and celebrate the greatness of our ancient African ancestors.  

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