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Ms. Mary Morris is the author of Young Lions:  Challenged to Live Free.  A survival guide for youth and young adults.

 Currently writing - Urban Parenting:  Creating a Culture of Survival and Success

 Published the following books:

 A Crushed Rose – The Life of Roszalia Ellen – Incest, Struggle, & Shame

By Roszalia Ellen

 Exonerated:  The Sabrina Butler Story By Sabrina Butler-Porter –
Sabrina Butler made history as the only woman exonerated from Death Row in the United States

Latest Publication: Ancient Africa – 2016 Calendar

MYM – Maywood Youth Mentoring – 9 years

“MYM: Winner of the 2016 Impact Award for Group Mentoring: State of Illinois”

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Ms. Mary Morris is an educator, writer, publisher and lifelong learner. She retired after teaching thirty years in the Chicago Public Schools. She is a widow with one adult son.

As a “Lay Historian”, she logged many miles in search of African History and Culture. She toured Puerto Rico, Freeport, Bahamas and other Caribbean Islands. The Islands were followed by Canada and Mexico. She made three trips to the continent of Africa. She toured South Africa and Swaziland in 2004: Ghana in 2006: and Egypt in 2008. While studying in Egypt, she studied the 3,893-year-old ancient Black culture of Kemet. Also, she toured the Peoples Republic of China in 2008.

Ms. Mary Morris

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