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The “tekhen,” created in ancient Africa, is a tall monument carved from one piece of stone.  It has four sides that taper into a pyramid at the top.  Queen Hatshepsut’s tekhen at Karnack Temple is 97 feet tall.  The tallest tekhen is from Thutmoses III - 105 feet tall, now locate in Rome, Italy.  The Greeks changed the name “tekhen” to “obelisk.”  Most of these earthly wonders were shipped by boats to the United States and Europe.  Many African treasures were taken off the continent without authority. 

African American people are facing serious problems:  72% of our children being raised by one parent.  We suffer from generational poverty, and a for-profit criminal justice system.  Public education ignores, avoids, and rejects books and programs that teach about the glory of ancient Africa – resulting in an African-American community ill-equipped with the foundation and potential of their greatness.

The calendar, “Kings and Queens of Ancient & Modern Africa 2017” awakens a desire for knowledge about ancient African history and culture.  This information increases self-worth on the part of the black community and encourages an awareness and respect on the part of all populations for Africa and Black people.  

Dr. Edward Robinson Jr., renowned historian and educator, along with other historians, produced research that proved “Black-on-Black violence” is the result of self-hatred and lack of knowledge about the greatness of their ancestors. Youth and adults must be provided with authentic information to help them achieve what they are truly capable of.  This calendar helps to inspire that intention.   Email:

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Welcome to a calendar that highlights the Kings and Queens of ancient and modern Africa.  It provides brief historical information and displays, through beautiful graphics.  The calendar series displays almost 6,000 years of authentic history and culture from Africa.  These great people produced and left behind artifacts that have left the world in awe.  Visit the great cities of the world.  Their museums are filled with great works of art from ancient Africa.

​Ancient & Modern Africa 2017 calendar 

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