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By Mary Morris

Young Lions: Challenged to Live Free

By Roszalia Ellen

A Crushed Rose is a true story. A beautiful child was robbed of her youth. Her voice muted, spirit crushed, and body violated. Her eyes showed fear, sadness, and depression; people labeled her shy. She whispered her story to a few adults; they smiled and pretended not to understand. This Rose began to wither from the inside. Her petals spiraled out of control. Read more...

Mary Morris, Publisher

By Sabrina Butler - Porter

The Ancient & Modern Africa - 2017 Calendar informs the world about the glorious Kings and Queens of African people.  The calendar illuminates the art and amazing achievements of our African ancestors. 

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​Ancient & Modern Africa 2017 calendar 

Young Lions: Challenged to Live Free seeks to fill a cultural gap in our education.

Ancient African culture is a missing link in the history of the world. It is rarely taught in the public schools. According to our surveys, our students are culturally bankrupt when it comes to basic information about Africa. Such as:

1. Where is Egypt located? Name the continent.

2. What is the race of the ancient Egyptians?

Parents, mentors, and educators can open the door to 400 years of silenced ancient African culture.
In addition, our youth must understand the dangers associated with committing petty crimes and a lifetime of poverty. The American criminal justice system is seriously flawed. It favors people with money. Help to empowered our youth with knowledge that will break the madness of the mass incarceration of black males. Read more...

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exonerated: The Sabrina butler story

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By Mary Morris

Kings & Queens of

a crushed rose

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Imagine that you are Sabrina Butler. You grew up in poverty, endured racism, and oppression. You are a high school dropout, married at age 15, with two children by age 17. You served six months in jail for writing bad checks. Life is hard, but your worst nightmare lurked for a grand launching. Your nine-month-old son died. You attempted to save his life. They accused you of capital murder; a crime you did not commit. You loved both of your sons with all of your heart. Read more...

Mary Morris, Publisher

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