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We provide inspirational public speaking, youth mentoring, and ancient African history seminars. A retired educator and compassionate individual, founder Marry Morris has dedicated her life to serving and encouraging people, especially those often overlooked. .



Young Lions: Challenged To Live Free  involves the flawed criminal justice system and how the war on drugs and the mass incarceration of black males is based on enriching a segment of the population. Someone must inform black males that a written record of incarceration will follow them for the remainder of their lives. 


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 It’s filled with 400 years’ worth of ancient African culture that is rarely—if ever—taught in our school systems. It’s filled with a lot of the topics and information that we cover in our seminars, speaking, and mentoring.

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Mary Morris

Owner of Young Lions LLC; Educator; Lay Historian Writer; Author; Publisher; Activist for our youth.

 Young Lions LLC in Chicago, IL was founded out of a passion for ancient African history, culture, and a desire to see children, young adults, and adults well-equipped with information and motivation. We want all ages to reach their full potential and to have the confidence and character they need to succeed.

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African American people need to understand the value of courtship, marriage, and children.  We must make parenting a priority.  Parents must design a household where educational opportunities are created and celebrated for their children.

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