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                       “Because Black Lives Matter” 

Study the History and Origin of American Violence 

                       By:  Mary Morris

Let us first trace the history and glory of ancient African people.  They were the first to map out the stars and plant the first seeds.  They invented the first calendar 6,000 years ago.  Ancients Africans were creators of mathematics.  They used geometry to survey fields for crops, plan buildings, temples, and pyramids.   One hundred and ten pyramids are still standing today.  They established a great culture named Kemet (referred to today as Egypt).  Our ancestors were highly literate.  The ancient Africans called their language “Medu – Netcher” known as the “writing of God.”  Kemet is the cornerstone of literary myths and epic dramas.  They were practicing organized religion prior to the rise of Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.  Many of the popularized Greek myths were adapted from African mythology – only the names were changed.  Thirty dynasties ruled as Kings and Queens.

The civilization of Ancient Kemet lasted 3,893 years in the countries now called Egypt and Sudan.  The time line was 4,236 – 343 BCE = Before the Common Era.  After 3,893 year reign in Kemet, the Blacks were expelled by the Arabians.  The Blacks of Kemet organized and return to some of their ancient ancestral home lands.  They relocated throughout the continent of Africa.  They survived and thrived.

Not long after, the Arabs swooped below the Sahara Desert and began the habit of kidnapping Black Africans.  For 1,200 years, the Arabs made raids into Sub-Sahara Africa and captured human beings.  This atrocity preceded the Europeans buying and selling of human beings.  The Arabs used them as slaves and sold some to Europeans.

The Europeans explored the riches of the vast continent of Africa.  Next, they fabricated lies to dehumanize strong African people to the world.  This laid the foundation for White Supremacy.  Next, they began to aggressively kidnap and capture human beings from the continent of Africa.  Europeans established “The Atlantic Slave Trade” for four hundred years!    Let us be clear, Africans experienced terrorism, torcher, rape, beatings, mutilations, and death by drowning in the Atlantic Ocean.  Why does the Catholic Church own 56 slave castles in Ghana, West Africa?

UNESCO estimates 210 million Africans were taken off the continent of Africa during a 400 year period.  Those involved in the Atlantic Slave Trade were Great Britain, the United States, Netherlands (The Dutch), Portugal and Spain.  The Colonial powers were Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands (The Dutch), Belgium, and Portugal.   

Human bondage began in America before America became a country.  The first slaves were bought in James Town, West Virginia, in 1619.  The Europeans exchanged slaves for food. 

President Abraham Lincoln signed the 2nd and final Emancipation Proclamation in 1865, freeing the Blacks in America.  The 246 years of human bondage was followed by 100 years of legal separation of the races – Jim Crow.  To establish White Supremacy they separated the blacks from the whites in schools, buses, trains, toilets, drinking fountains and etc. The racist country of South Africa stated they copied “Apartheid” – separation of the races – from the United States.  South Africa established three groups:  whites, colored, and blacks.

BECAUSE BLACK LIVES MATTER, the people in the movement are important.  They have called attention to police misconduct, political apathy and Black on Black violence.  The groups must continue marching and making their voices heard.  The violence has diverted attention from serious problems:  High unemployment, poor educational opportunities, and crack cocaine vs powder cocaine drug law disparities.  The crack cocaine law has led to the mass incarceration of Black males.  Drug laws based on race must be repealed.

Black on Black Violence:  There is absolutely no excuse for black on black violence.  Dr. Edward Robinson, Jr. and other scholars have documented that low self-worth, self-hatred are partly the cause of self-destruction.

Malcolm X asked this question to perpetrators who casually shed the blood of Black people.  “WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO HATE YOURSELF?” 

Violence in Chicago is fueled with easy access to cheap guns pouring in from gun factories in the South.  The guns are dirt cheap!  This violence has promoters!    Seventy precious and beloved members of the human family were murdered in Chicago during the month of August 2016.  The Bible says in Galatian 6:7 Do not be deceived:  God cannot be mocked.  A man reaps what he sows. 

PROVEN SOLUTIONS:   Black children and youth must be taught in school about their ancestors who established a great civilization in Kemet for 3,893 years.  Research has shown that when young Blacks know their history and culture, they are partially shielded from racism and race hatred.  When will parents and true educators begin to teach our Black youth about their ancient ancestors and their glorious history and culture?


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